The Producer Does it Again

The Producer Does it Again!

The 2015 season is here and it looks really encouraging out on the water. Counts so far have been solid with a nice grade of fish. To think it's only the beginning of July! What is this season going to bring?

Over the 4th of July weekend, my best bud and I got back on the Producer for an overnight trip to go on the hunt. The Producer continues to fish hard, finding schools of fish the entire day. With ongoing reports of bluefin, yellowtail, and dorado so close it's not difficult to see why it is such a great idea to hop onboard an overnight trip. The reality of the matter is sometimes we just can't afford the pricetag of the 5-7 day trips, which is why the day trip are a great alternative.

This time around the crew continues to be as professional as ever. Their style of fishing is all about everyone having good time and bringing in the catch. They seem to always start the trip with a small training to help everyone on board get an idea of what to expect the day of. Here's a small vid of the great team onboard.

If you haven't commited to a trip yet, there is still time and we recommend an overnight on the Producer.

Here is the schedule for July on the Producer.

  • Wed July 8, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Thu July 9, 2015 10:00PM - $260
  • Fri July 10, 2015 10:00PM - $260
  • Sat July 11, 2015 10:00PM - $260
  • Sun July 12, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Mon July 13, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Tue July 14, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Wed July 15, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Thu July 16, 2015 10:00PM - $260
  • Fri July 17, 2015 10:00PM - $260
  • Sat July 18, 2015 10:00PM - $260
  • Sun July 19, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Mon July 20, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Tue July 21, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Wed July 22, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Thu July 23, 2015 10:00PM - $225
  • Sat July 25, 2015 10:00PM - $260
  • Sun July 26, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Mon July 27, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Tue July 28, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Wed July 29, 2015 10:00PM - $235
  • Fri July 30, 2015 10:00PM - $260

Special thanks to Captain Armando and Captain Frank.

Call today and make a reservation:

H&M Landing
Phone: 619-222-1144

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Owner - Offshore Hooks

Royal Star 7-Day

Special Thanks to the Royal Star!

I would like to personally thank everyone who joined us on our 7 Day aboard the Royal Star for great fishing, great weather, great prizes, always the cool t-shirt, great food and beverage and great times. It is my hope to see everyone join us again next yar on our June 8-Day Blue Fin Special or our brand new 10 Day Wahooza Palooza! In an optimum time of the year to catch everything including Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowtail, and various inshore species. In case you missed it check out these images and reports provided by Captain Tim Ekstrom.

Thank you EVERYONE again and for your continued support and patronage.

-EdT / Baja Fish Gear


Off and running on our annual “Baja Fish Gear” seven day voyage we finally head south with a path clearing to traditional southern long range haunts. An incredibly active year thus far in the formation of tropical cyclones we have all been blessed to have the bounty of tuna to the far north to work on when weather has closed the door south. Though we are not one hundred percent in the clear for this run yet it appears that the remnants of the latest tempest to harry Southern Baja is going to rapidly dissipate and head west. Ahhh...

Day one of fishing will find us targeting yellowtail down the line and tuna offshore as we drag our feet for at least one more day allowing ample time for things below to clear out. We have a veteran group of anglers ready to wet their lines and engage in whatever fishing opportunities are to be had. For many years now we have been strong supporters of Ed Tschernoscha and his entire staff up at Baja Fish Gear. Always guiding anglers to successful outcomes with rod and reel combos and terminal tackle perfectly matched for whatever sport fishing adventures they pursue Baja Fish Gear has earned our endorsement by being fishermen themselves. We share this run with the one and only Ed himself seeking to continue the tradition of success that this voyage is so well known for.

In closing today I have a couple of worthy admin items to share. First is the upcoming ten day voyage departing Saturday October 4th, returning Tuesday October 14 that still has a few spaces available for any and all considering an early fall variety run. The water down below has thankfully cooled to reasonable temperatures paving the road for yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and all the fall variety species that make these voyages so popular. 

The second item to share is the addition of a couple of new three day voyages that we added to our schedule in late October. As a result of some impromptu schedule shuffling space at the end of October became available. Before scheduling these condensed long range runs we have carefully observed conditions over the past couple of weeks. Right now all signs point toward a continuation of the stellar offshore and coastal fishing that we are presently seeing all the way into November and beyond. In such warm water cycles it is not uncommon for the fish to outlast the fishermen. For this reason we are confidant that these voyages will be well positioned to target yellowfin tuna and dorado offshore as well as abundant yellowtail along the coast of Northern Baja. 

The dates of these new voyages are as follows: Saturday October 25 – Tuesday October 28, and Saturday October 31 – Monday November 3rd. The cost will be $1100 dollars all inclusive – no extra for permits or visas. Both voyages have already begun booking and interest among those who received advance notice is strong. This is a great opportunity to get a weekend of fine fall fishing in Royal Star style. Tracy will be in the office throughout next week ready to answer any questions and take reservations. 

Meanwhile we are out on the water and at it scouting out future opportunities and doing a little fishing on our way down. Reports and photos will continue as the adventure unfolds.

- Tim Ekstrom


A start here working down the line scratching up a good layer of quality, 25# class yellowtail in fine working conditions. The latest storm is now past paving the way for our trip down the line in upcoming days. Not before taking a good look at thisngs along the way though: there is too much potential, and too good of conditions, to pass anything by.

Satisfied with the beginning round, but far from sated, we continue forth ready to make good on whatever we find. Photo today features master angler, tackle expert, and Baja Fish Gear owner Ed Tschernoscha with crewman Ryan Browne displaying the premium size average of the yellowtail encoutnered today.

Don't forget the dates of the new three day voyages just scheduled in the last week of October. Saturday October 25th – Tuesday October 28th, and Friday October 31st – Monday November 3rd. Tracy is back in the office today and Capt. Randy Toussaint is shoreside ready to answer any questions. If you are thinking about making one of these newly scheduled runs don't hestitate to give us a call!

Tim Ekstrom


Despite beautiful conditions – both weather and water, the day began with a fizzle and ultimately smouldered to a pitiful end; nothing in the way of significant production or sign. We poked and prodded our way south yearning by noon for just about anything to sink our teeth into. The up side of the fishless passage was the distance covered. We are now in stiking position for the next point south that harbors plenty of potential.

The second up side, and certainly most poignant, is the cheerful disposition of everyone on board. There is a general understanding in line with fishing long range – travel time is an investment inherent in the endeavor, and well worth the waiting. In today's case the ground we covered was slated to happen either way – with fish or without. So we took “without” in stride continuing the southerly journey. Triple checking equipment preparing for any and everything to come the long road down will soon be a distant memory; amazing how quickly a few fish erase time.

Photo today features Bob Jutras with a bright moment to embrace. Twenty five pound class yellowtail are always worthy of a smile.

- Tim Ekstrom


She was a hot one today; whew! Balmy is an understatement when describing such conditions. Africa hot, grease calm, thick humidity, classic late summer/early fall on the ridge. And equally classic, much to our delight/relief, was the fishing. All day long, aside from an occasional re-position, we sat, we fished, and we caught. Yellowfin tuna in the 15 – 25# class, the traditional “bread and butter” fish this ridge has attracted since long before we were part of the picture, received top billing, and fulfilled the ancient fishing instinct that called..

Rewarded with ample product in the hatch, and plentiful opportunity to savor success, production tapered off in the late afternoon to our benefit. Tomorrow is a new day. Conditions and fishing being what they are down here we're not in any hurry to make tracks for anywhere above. It appears that our perfect weather window will continue.That maintains an open field that we intend to wrench every bit of opportunity from.

Photos today f eature a couple of anglers new to Royal Star but no strangers to fishing. Cash Nichols, pictured with crewman Ryan Browne, and Jacob Krol, with Captain Brian Sims, got the job done today and then some. Both of these guys systematically eliminated this fine class of yellowfin tuna all day long. Releasing plenty of the smaller models they put a worthy catch of this 25# class tuna in the RSW tanks to share with friends and family upon return.

- Tim Ekstrom


We were thrown one of those legendary curve balls this morning. Game plan all lined up, in position to take full advantage of a mountain of readily available fish that we saved room in our limits for; we were cruising toward success arm out the window, top down, one hand on the wheel, hair flying; good livin' to be sure. In retrospect the set up was too ripe for the old fishing reality check, which is exactly what we got.

No surprise came along with it, such is fishing; time to pack it up and move on. Conditions did a one eighty during the evening displacing the pristine water and majority of sign we were working on yesterday. Plenty of indications remained, this isn't a done deal around this zone by any means, but what we found today showed no interest in biting, and was all spread out to hell and gone.

Mobility being our best friend in such circumstances, and of course information, a small relocation got us back on track. Nothing wide open, no crazy giant schools jumping in the boat, but a strong finish to a day that could have easily gone the other way. Having to work for them may just have made the end results a bit more satisfying.

What did not change in the way of conditions today is the splendid, flat calm weather. Though admittedly a little hot, hotter than Hades truth be told, the balmy, tropical atmosphere is certainly providing an extra feel of vacation to this adventure; no doubt that we have traveled a long way south well into traditional long range zones. Beautiful easily describes the setting, beauty impossible to ignore.

Photos today feature a couple of noteworthy firsts that came at the hands of two experienced Royal Star anglers. Veterans Jim Agnew and Walt Baird both picked off their first wahoo amidst steady action on schoold grade yellowfin tuna. Walt's fish was a wahoo classic that was wound in backwards hooked perfectly through the tail. We were suffering the at the hands of a number of ultra crafty “skinnies” that were cruising the perimeter stealing jigs and hooks at will. Much to our delight this thirty four pounder got a dose of his own medicine when Walt turned the tables with a trick of his own.

- Tim Ekstrom


A productive scenic tour today working our way northwest scratching and picking as we rolled along. Everything from wahoo, dorado, and yellowfin tuna to Calico Bass and various shakers occupied the time with abundant fishing and catching action. Combined with continuing spectacular weather this was high on the list of beach runs that I have made in recent times. We didn't load up by any means but the combination of scenery, opportunities, weather, and events set this day square in the category of success.

The full day of working northwest set us in position for one final shot at something depending on what we are served in the way of conditions. A little breeze coming our way will be the deciding factor as we try to squeeze every possible second of fishing time from this seven day adventure. Photo for the day features a long range fishing legend well deserving of the title.

Bruce Chisholm, who has been fishing San Diego/long range style since I was peddling around on a tricycle, actually way before, is still going strong setting an inspiring example along the way. Old school courtesy, wisdom, character, drive, and a rich sense of humor are only a few of Bruce's admirable attributes that I will mention. He is a man's man in every respect. Less his better half Eunice this voyage, Bruce is holding his own and again showing the youngsters how it is done. Case in point: Bruce got this day rolling in fine form landing this “gator” size wahoo to the delight of one and all. Many a whoop and holler accompanied this beast as it slid over the rail; rightly so.

- Tim Ekstrom


A picture perfect ending, exactly what we hoped for. A couple of hours of solid beach action on beefy yellowtail and four nice Butts put the finishing touch on this satisfying, productive run. The set up was ideal this morning – out of the weather that is up and honkin' on the offshore grounds, scenic and gorgeous, balmy again but not the furnace we baked in down below, absolutely perfect. We rolled in, set up for conditions, and got down to business in short order.

Twenty two to thirty pound yellowtail were the reward for this group of fishermen that have fully embraced the rich diversity in scenery and species this voyage as well as the exceptional quantity of fishing time. Just how I prefer – lines in the water the majority of the time in the best conditions possible; good catching mixed in and the recipie for success is complete.

After bumping our way up the line tonight we return in the a.m. On Saturday departing again on the annual Larry Brown September seven day run with Captain Brian Sims behind the helm. Conditions favor another productive variety outing as Capt. Sims makes the most of a host of options. In closing today we again extend our gratitude to Ed Tschernoscha and Baja Fish Gear for the many years of support and valuable information they have provided to southland anglers. The guys up there have earned acclaim with good reason – they are fishermen, and understand what fishermen need to be successful.

One more seven day voyage then we are off and running on our longer – ten and eleven day fall voyages. A remainder though that we broke up the one voyage in late October scheduling a couple of weekend three day run instead. Dates are:Saturday October 25 – Tuesday October 28, and Friday October 31 – Monday November 3. Cost is $1100 for both voyages and includes everything – Mexican permits and Visas. Tracy and I will be in the office throughout next week if you have any questions or are ready to book on.

Final voyage photos for this run close out the adventure on a high note. Edrie Rios is a happy camper with this beautiful, 25# class yellowtail he landed on the iron, Ron Morton landed this bonus Butt on the squid imitation yo-yo jig complete with red sash, and Dennis Spann is fired up on the twenty five pound class yellowfin landed a couple of days prior.

- Tim Ekstrom

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