U.S. Passports Are Required


To bring a passport or NOT to bring a passport? That is the question of the day. Most of the long-range sites are stating that U.S. Passports ARE REQUIRED on all trips to Mexico. Better be safe than sorry and just BRING IT!

Fishing season is here and many of us will be traveling on long-range boats to soak up the sun and get our fish on! Part of the excitement in the planning stage is getting our tackle ready for the trip. For months, weeks, and days before the trip, you know you will be in the garage going through all your gear to get it ready for a multi-day trip. Lures & jigs, CHECK. Rods & reels, CHECK. Pliers, dikes, rod belts, gloves, toothbrush ,clothes, q-tips.... all CHECK.

If that's not enough, now you may want to make sure your U.S. passport is also a BIG CHECK. Don't forget to PACK your passport in your luggage before you leave home. Do it days before the trip so you make sure it's with your gear. Don't be THAT guy, that is left behind on the dock.

"Don't be.. THAT GUY, that is left behind on the dock."

Passports can be a bit overwhelming to some. Maybe you've never applied for a passport. Well if that is the case, here are a few tips on how to go about and get a passport.

Tip #1

PLAN AHEAD. Although there are now expedited services available, passports can take time! Don't expect to go the week before your trip to get a passport. Do this months ahead of time to avoid stressing out. Expedited services will incur an additional fee. Save your money, for the fish processing and the ice you are going to need when you get back from your trip.

Tip #2

Visit the Travel.State.Gov site to get the latest info and downloads on application forms, processing times, fees, and locations to apply.

Tip #3

Don't forget to take a photo. A photo is vital requirement for all passport applications. It is recommended you use a professional photo service to ensure you meet all the requirements.

Getting your passport doesn't have to be stressful. Here are some helpful links: