Offshore Bluefin, Ridge Yellowfin and Cedros, YT, WSB & Halibut- very exciting

Hi Long Range Anglers;

Wow, if you are even considering taking a summer trip this year, take a look at the incredible action as reported by Bill Roeker:

Net Update by Bill Roecker  ---  

For & San Diego Sportfishing Council

July 6, 2012

American Angler Winners

"The guys returned from an open four-day trip this morning with sushi for all. Thanks to everyone for coming fishing and we’ll see you next time! Congrats to jackpot winners pictured below:

"1st place Tom Regner 31.4-pound bluefin tuna; 2nd place David Karlin 30.6-pound bft; 3rd place Donavan D’Souza 30.4-pound bft. Good Luck Charm: Bill Schade

"The guys departed on another 4 day, sponsored by the one and only Matt Salas and Al Tokunaga. Check back!! If you want to come fishing in August on a shorter trip, we just opened 2 new trips up this afternoon: a four-day trip departing Tues Aug 21 to Sat Aug 25; 1.5 day trip departing Sat. Aug 25 to Mon Aug 27: call the office."

Excel Jackpot Winners

Excel docked at fisherman’s Landing July 5 under skipper Justin Fleck’s hand.  The boat had the biggest bluefin tuna brought in so far this young season. Here are the jackpot numbers:

1st - Edward Collins, Bellingham, WA 95.8-pound Bluefin Tuna

2nd - Steven Kenney, Las Vegas, NV 83.2-pound Bluefin Tuna

3rd - Roland Reesby, San Clemente, CA 68.0-pound Bluefin Tuna

Honorable Mention - Michael Hines, Tucson, AZ 54.8-pound Halibut

"Wow" Fishing

"Wow, what a nice day we had today," remarked Independence skipper Jeff DeBuys July 5. "There were many biting schools of 25 to 35-pound bluefin tuna for all to enjoy. We had a wonderful time watching the show, as well as pulling and yanking, sun up into the dark. We easily caught our limits for the day. We are going to try for 'em again in the morning, please wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew."

Today’s Action

 Early Bluefin," enthused Intrepid skipper Kevin Osbourne July 6. "We departed yesterday with our Bob Douglas / Baja Fish Gear group. Picked up a nice load of Sardine and started making our way south. After an in-depth fishing seminar and going over our game plan for this nine-day adventure we spent the rest of the afternoon rigging up tackle and catching up with our Friends. This morning we got on a spot of fish at 5:30 a.m. and boated our first Bluefin of the trip 15 minutes later. We then drifted along for a couple of handfuls of nice Tuna before they stopped biting. A short move and we have been drifting now for another 45 minutes and are enjoying a mix bag of Bluefin and Yellowfin."

4th Fireworks

"Happy fourth to everybody," wrote Red Rooster III skipper Andy Cates on the holiday. "Today our fireworks began with a nice school of biting bluefin. When that school wasn't biting any longer we were able to find another. We were able to stay busy all day long with biting fish. The real fireworks were around lunchtime. We pulled up to a small breezer of fish and it was the better grade fish 60 to 85 pounds. They came to the boat chewing on whatever we threw at them. It looked like everybody had one on, at least for a little while. The hooked tuna did what they do best, which is fight like heck to get away, and a fair number of them succeeded. But when we were done with that stop, we had ten of those beautiful fish on the deck. We are going to be in this area tomorrow, and we are looking forward to another fantastic day of fishing."

Stellar Bluefin Day

"Another stellar day of bluefin tuna angling in flat calm weather," said the report from Royal Star July 5. "Once again we had our daily limits and spent the bulk of the afternoon looking for the bigger models. The bulk of the catch was 25 to 35 pounds with a few standout 65-pounders mixed in. We are going to try a different area tomorrow hoping for a school of the 60-pounders.

"Jeff Cox is in today's shot with a 65-pound bluefin tuna."

July 11, 2012

"Epic Yellowfin Fishing"

"We left the grounds after epic offshore Yellowfin fishing," recalled Red Rooster III skipper Andy Cates July 10. We caught 22 to 30-pound fish absolutely wide open. Bread and butter, we call them and what a great day it was. There were fish up to 40 pounds but not many, just a few, but the bulk of the fish are 25 to 30 pounds. It was classic ridge grade fish.

"After yesterday with the yellows and now the school-size fish, we are in the market for a few Jackpot fish. Alijos Rocks sounds like the most practical move and nobody has been there in a while so, why not? We will be there first thing in the morning and see if some fish have moved in there as well. Great weather and great fishing. Nice! No pictures today, we were way too busy."

Biscuits Bite

"Weather today was beautiful," observed the report from Royal Polaris July 10 to 11, "with a slight breeze out of the northwest, sunny, and warm. But let’s talk about fishing. It was a tough day for Bluefin, but the Yellowtail kept our anglers busy for most of the day. The Yellowtail we kept were in the 18 to 25-pound range, with many of the smaller ones being released.

"We are now headed for Cedros Island. We will arrive in the early morning hours; hopefully the White Sea Bass will bite for us. Guess what? As I was typing this report we landed three white seabass, so I must get back on deck. Wish us luck."

Steady Action

"Today we had good weather," said the report from Royal Star July 10, "good yellowtail fishing and beautiful scenery. We caught fish from the surface to the bottom on both bait and artificials. The action was steady, giving the crew just enough time to give a little one on one instruction, ensuring everyone got in on the action. Today Alex Nekoranec gets the photo honors with a 22-pound, yo-yo-caught yellowtail."

Speaking of Cedros Island,  tune in to Ronnie Kovach's Outdoor Adventures on TV's Fox Sports West this Sunday 9:30am for his Cedros Island special.

Hope you can take advantage of our phenomenal summer fishing and hop on one of my long range trips.  See schedule below:


Aug 5 - 12









Non alcoholic beverages and Mexican permits are included. No fuel surcharge.


Expect Albacore, BFT, YFT, Yellowtail and Dorado- Guadalupe? Leaves on Sunday

Aug 26 - Aug 31

Red Rooster 111



Christina  619/224-3857


Perfect timing for open water albacore and BFT and the Baja Islands. The Red Rooster

boasts a huge fishing platform and excellent crew.  Guadalupe prime time.

Sept 29- Oct 6 

Royal Star






Leaves and returns on a Saturday so NO traffic!!!

Warmer water pelagics but still albies and BFT.

Guadalupe Prime Time.  Always an awesome trip.

Oct 31- Nov 10







This could be variety at the Ridge, Alijos Rocks, Mag Bay or the big tuna may be

at the Lower banks - Perfect timing for a 10 day Fall trip.  Leaves on a Saturday

Dec 4 - 18



14 days




Non alcoholic beverages, permits and fuel incl in price

Hunt for BIG TUNA - 2010 was incredibly EPIC.  2011 maybe my best trip EVER!!!

Range for Lower Banks, Hurricane Bank &/or the Clarion Buffer Zone

2013        **************************************************************************************************

Feb 8 - 24, 2013   

Red Rooster 111


16/13 Day Ride Down/Flyback

Linda or Christina  619/224-3857


Join Wahoodad and Larry Brown on this great, big tuna wahoo adventure

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Baja Fish Gear Charters

SAT SEP 1, 2012 - SEP 8, 2012: INDEPENDENCE 7 Day Trip
Be onboard to fish with the Baja Fish Gear gang and participate in the great prizes and giveaways. Visit their website to view the suggested tackle.

contact info:
contact phone: 619-226-6006
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Approx. $2395

SAT SEP 22, 2012- SAT SEP 29, 2012: Royal Star 7 Day Trip
Be onboard to fish with the Baja Fish Gear gang and participate in the great prizes and giveaways. Visit their website to view the suggested tackle.

contact info: Tracy
contact phone: 619-224-4764
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Approx. $2250

WED DEC 26, 2012 - MON JAN 7, 2013: INDEPENDENCE 12 Day Trip
12 day long-range fishing. Chrismas special, This year we have made this a 12 day to take advantage of fishing in the lower zones like Hurricane bank and the Buffer zone. This trip returns on Monday the 7th for those with limited vacation time.

contact phone: 619-226-6006
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Approx. $3195