Good Times on the Producer

The water is warm, weather is great and the fishing is off the hook!

This season has turned out to be an exeptional season to be fishing. It could be fishing on the pier, surf fishing on our local coast, or hopping on a boat from your closest landing and the fishing is ON!

We all wish we could afford long range trips, but the reality of the matter is that most of us can't afford the time or the money to go on them. Overnight trips on the other hand, are a great way to learn how to fish for larger size fish such as tuna, dorado, and yellowtail, without breaking the bank.

This weekend my best bud and I decided to take advantage of the great fishing season on an overnight trip. We headed out to Point Loma's, H&M Landing and boarded the sportfisher, Producer, with gear in hand for what turned out to be a excellent day of fishing.

Captain Frank and the crew did a wonderful job of helping anglers get the fish onboard. Captain Frank's style of fishing on this trip proved to be very successful. With a peaceful night of rest he glided us to the fishing grounds and we awoke to 20-30# yellowfin. We began and ended our day of fishing in one drift. The fish would come in waves and by the end of the afternoon we were all exhausted due to the several hours of crankin' at the rail.

Poppers are hot right now. Chad on a recent trip with the Producer got a nice size yellowfin with one. See below:

Our totals for the day were 29 anglers, 120 quality yellowfin tuna and 1 skip jack.

If you haven't commited to a trip yet, there is still time and we recommend an overnight on the Producer.

As of today, the Producer has a few spots left for these upcoming days:

  • Mon Sep 01 2014, 10:00PM - $235
  • Tue Sep 02 2014, 10:00PM - $235
  • Wed Sep 03 2014, 10:00PM - $235
  • Thu Sep 04 2014, 10:00PM - $235
  • Sun Sep 07 2014, 10:00PM - $235
  • Mon Sep 08 2014, 10:00PM - $235
  • Thu Sep 11 2014, 10:00PM - $235
  • Sat Sep 13 2014, 10:00PM - $260
  • Sun Sep 14 2014, 10:00PM - $235

Special thanks to Captain Frank, Armando, Greg, Brandon, Patrick and Elizabeth.

Call today and make a reservation:

H&M Landing
Phone: 619-222-1144