Avet - Pro EX 50/3 SDS 3-Speed Reel

Avet - Pro EX 50/3 SDS 3-Speed Reel

3-Speed topless lever drag casting reel.

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EX Series Reels

Industry Leading Features For All AVET EX Reels

  • Precision machined 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminum and stainless steel components.
  • Anodized for superior corrosion resistance and beautiful finish.
  • Topless frames on select models.
  • Powerful lever drag systems with adjustable pre-set and strike stop button to prevent accidental advancement to full drag.
  • Precision machine stainless steel 2-speed and 3-speed gear transmissions featuring our user friendly quick shift mechanism.
  • Reliable DUAL DISC Avedrag dry carbon fiber drags for superior stopping power, smoothness, and wear resistance.
  • Alarm Clicker.
  • Large, comfortable, ergonomically angles handle knob.
  • Stainless steel harness lugs.
  • Heavy duty, ultra tough design.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Breaking news direct from AVET 06/2012

Avet Reels has unveiled the flagship reel of the new line of 3-speed big game reels, the "Super Cow Special" EX 80-3 topless, with the industries first true 3-speed transmission. The spool holds 1500+ yds. of 130lb. spectra braid with plenty of room for topshot. The 3.2:1 high gear (46" per crank) will clear trolled lines quickly, and is perfect for kite fishing. The 2:1 mid gear (29" per crank) is is the perfect speed to power ratio for battling fish, and the 1:1 low gear (14" per crank) provides plenty of brute winch power when needed. The EX 80-3 will generate 50 lbs. of drag at strike, and 57 lbs at full. This versatile reel is offered in Avet's exclusive black matte as well as Avet's famous colored anodize finishes. This is the first " true" 80 size offering from Avet, designed to fill the gap between the existing EXW 80-2 and the EXW 50-2, being the same diameter as the EXW 80, but narrower and topless. A 2-speed version of the new 80 topless is also available; the EX 80-2. The 3-speed EXW 80-3 will soon follow, for those who prefer the wide version with the top crossbar, and is tentatively dubbed the "Grander Special".

EX 3- Speed

Model  Line Class Mono Cap
Braid Cap
Max Drag
Gear Ratio Inches Per Crank Reel Dia
Spool Width
Crank Handle Weight
Frame Style
EX 50-3 80-130lbs. 60-500
Strike: 50
Full: 57
4-3/8" 2-3/8" T-Bar knob 63 Topless

EX50 Dimensions

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