Custom Skirted Cedar Plugs

Custom Skirted Cedar Plugs

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Manufacturer Baja Fish Gear Products

The pro staff at Baja Fish Gear has tested these custom lures, and time and again, they work. They are perfect for using on the troll and targeting Tuna, Big Eye, Bluefin, and Dorado. These lures offer increased performance because it has more flash. Not only are we using a cedar plug, which is a favorite, but its skirted with these great colors.

On several occasions we have been out fishing on a charter and have gotten limits all because the fish love this combo. We've brought the whole school of tuna to the boat because of the "flash" factor. Try them, they work!

We offer these in three different colors:

  • Gold - Combined with the cedar plug this lure has the look of squid. Tuna loves squid.
  • Chartreuse - This is a bit brighter but also looks like squid.
  • Blue & Pink - Get the best of both worlds. Dorado love the pink along with the Tuna.
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