Money Jig by High Tide Sportfishing

Money Jig by High Tide Sportfishing

Fish the Jig and Send us your Money Shot!

Our price: $10.99

The Money Jig is fabricated from water clear urethane spiked with crushed glass for rich color. Broken mirror is found in every Money Jig at the shoulders. *Broken Mirror n' Black & *Clear have broken mirror throughout the entire jig to enhance reflective characteristics.

The Money Jig acts like a school of bait in distress. All Money Jigs have a Mustad 8/0 forged O'Shaughnesy jig hook with a 90 degree bend just before the eye molded into the urethane. No mounting hardware is required for hook. A spinner blade is fastened to the eye by a 60 lb. split ring to resemble a crippled bait and maximizes reflective characteristics. Most game fish can't resist The Money Jigs as it has an awesome kick that Wahoo, Tuna, Yellows, Calico's, and Cuda's can't resist.

Excellent for Gulf Coast, East Coast, Mexico and South Pacific species. Outcast, out catch the competition, as The Money Jig has an awesome kick with highly reflective characteristics.
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