WORX- Travel Size Organic Hand Cleaner

WORX- Travel Size Organic Hand Cleaner

.9 oz All Natural Hand Cleaner. The Ultimate "Hands-On" Cleaning Solution

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WORXTM revolutionary All-Natural hand cleaner removes stubborn stains, dirt, grease, and grime from the dirtiest hands. Simply wet one hand, apply WORXTM powder, wet the other hand, scrub, and rinse thoroughly. WORXTM concentrated powder comes in a variety of easy-to-use containers. Use WORXTM All-Natural hand cleaner and notice an immediate difference.

WORXTM Effectively Removes:

* Printer's Ink
* Agricultural Dirt
* Fresh Paint
* Carbon

* Mechanic's Grease
* Oil
* Primers
* Soot

* Industrial Grease & Grime
* Pine Tar
* Wood Stains
* Foul Odors

and Much More..

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