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KHMC Tournament is April 18th & 19th




The KHMC tournament is coming soon! The dates for the tournament are April 18th and 19th. Lines in at 6:00am Saturday and out at 4:30pm on Sunday. You can fish basically anywhere south of Point Dume all weekend and all night Saturday. This is going to be fun. For more details visit

Download 2009 KHMC Halibut Tournament form.

Download 2009 East Cape Shootout form.

See you on the water.

Don Butts

Banda Bank Fishing Report for March 21, 2009




Banaa Bank Catch26 six nice mixed rock cod, very calm water at Banda Bank could have filled the box. Had a problem with the large plastic, It was on a 24 oz. lead head to go deep and I got hit on it a few times but they only grabbed the plastic and not the hook. On one bite I got hit real hard and it bent the pole in half and I fought it for about 3 minutes and it had come up about fifty feet off of the bottom and it let go. I started to reel it up and I got hit hard again and then the pole went limp! It had bitten right through the plastic. This was a very large fish! I am going to use a smaller lead head next time with a leader and a double snap off of a torpedo sinker. hook with plastic bit offAlso we fished with some plastics on the hooks and they all got hit, we used herring and sand bass for bait. By using the plastics we seemed not to get the smaller rock cod and only quality sized fish. Herring stayed on the hook better than any bait that I have used in awhile, two small herring lasted all day.

- Barry

Banda Bank Catch


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